Meet The Boss Babe

I am Mary Buchanan Austin. I am the Founder and CEO of Austin Angels Boutique. Austin Angels Boutique is a family owned and operate boutique established in 2020. I am a mom of three beautiful daughters and I am married to my best friend of 21 years. I earned multiple college degrees in Education and  have a extensive background in technology. I am a New York City educator. I have many years of experience in retail and as a business coach. I experienced tremendous joy and success as a home based jewelry retailer and as a business coach. I created a community for entrepreneurs called The Business Beehive.  I am helping entrepreneurs and aspiring business owners to create and scale their businesses. I launched my first course teaching people how to open their own home based retail boutiques. I always wanted to open up my own retail boutique where I can have full control over the products I sell. I will be a one stop shop and a household name. I was ready to launch my retail and furniture boutique in 2018 but I decided to wait until the time was right. I am super excited to open the doors to our empire boutique Austin Angels Boutique. We will provide everything you can imagine for women, men, children, pets and your home plus more. Thank you for your support. We appreciate all of our Angel Babes. XOXO